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Full Beard
Full Beard This full black beard made of human hair and lace is theatrical quality.
immediate shipping
Wizard Beard
Wizard Beard Includes one beard, one-size fits most adults.
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Uncle Sam Goatee/ Eyebrows
Uncle Sam Goatee/ Eyebrows Add this to any Uncle Sam costume and you'll be the hit of the party. Shirt sold separately.
immediate shipping
Wizard Nose & Chin
Wizard Nose & Chin Studio qualtiy, can be used again and again. Instructions included. Spirit Gum (not included) in needed to apply the nose and chin.
immediate shipping
Mustache Card
Mustache Card Mustache Card Includes 12 (one of each shown) assorted black & brown resuable, self adhesive mustaches. Be dashing or dandy at night, then a gent or bureaucrat by day!
immediate shipping
Sideburns Grey
Sideburns Sideburns great for many different looks. Nice full Sideburns that are made of real hair and are reusable. Available in Black, Dark Brown, Grey or Light Brown.
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Spanish or Gaucho Moustache & Goatee Set
Sert includes, fine quality hair and spirit gum adhesive. Black only.


Moustache And Goatee Set - Boheme
Moustache And Goatee Set - Boheme Set includes a black boheme style moustache and goatee. Self Adhesive.
immediate shipping
Foo Manchu Moustache- Black
Foo Manchu Moustache- Black This black Foo Manchu moustache is made of human hair and lace, the perfect touch for a variety of looks.
immediate shipping
Moustache And Goatee Set - Cavalier
Moustache And Goatee Set - Cavalier Set includes a black cavalier style moustache and goatee. Self Adhesive.
immediate shipping
60's Sideburns (Brown)
60's Sideburns (Brown) The 60's brown sideburns are made of human hair and lace.
immediate shipping
Deluxe Santa Eyebrows
Deluxe Santa Eyebrows Made of 100% Teviron and built onto a net foundation.
immediate shipping
Handlebar Moustache- Black
Handlebar Moustache- Black Complete your gay nineties or keystone cop look with this black handlebar moustache made of human hair and lace.
immediate shipping
Mustache and Goatee (Literate)
Mustache and Goatee (Literate) Self adhesive mustache and goatee, great accessory for a Shakespear costume.
immediate shipping
Biker Mustache
Biker Mustache The Biker Mustache is a great addition to your biker costume and easy to use. It?s self adhesive. Glasses, hat and costume not included.
immediate shipping
SophistiCats - Whiskers
SophistiCats - Whiskers A set of pink and black kitty whiskers with a faux pink jewel for a nose. Whiskers are made from nylon filament and pink foil strips. Jewel nose has adhesive on back to attach to nose.
immediate shipping
Rapper Goatee
Rapper Goatee Don't have time to grow your own? Includes a self adhesive mustache and goatee beard combo in the color black. One size fits most.
immediate shipping
Mutton Chops Side Burns Brown
Mutton Chops Side Burns Brown A great accessory for a variety of characters. Theatrical quality pair of self-adhesive Mutton Chops style side burns.
immediate shipping
Prisoner Mustache and Beard
Prisoner Mustache and Beard Can't grow one fast enough? This will do. This accessory is a great way to top off your prisoner, devil, or wizard costume. The Prisoner Mustache and Beard is easy to use and self-adhering.
immediate shipping
Gambler Mustache
Gambler Mustache You gotta know when to hold 'em... The Gambler mustache is an excellent finishing touch to your cowboy or old western sheriff costume. It is self-adhesive so it is easy to use and comfortable to wear.
immediate shipping
Gangster Mustache
Gangster Mustache Capone would be proud. The Gangster Mustache is a must have for your mobbed up costume. It's self adhesive so it's easy to use.
immediate shipping
Mustache Beard 14
Mustache Beard 14" 14" Mustache and Beard. A great accessory to any costume! Made with extra long rayon material and flameproof. Appropriate whenever a long beard is needed.
immediate shipping
Stick-On Mustaches Rock Star
Stick-On Mustaches Stick-on Mustaches for every occasion! Your choice of facial hair for nearly ANY costume!
immediate shipping
Black Pirate Beard
Black Pirate Beard A must have for your pirate costume! Adult size black pirate beard. Easily worn with attached fasteners which are worn behind ears. Also available in Grey, Brown and White sold separately..
immediate shipping
Uncle Sam Beard
Uncle Sam Beard Every Uncle Sam needs his signature beard! Includes: White Uncle Sam beard. One size.
immediate shipping
Mustache Six Way (Black)
Mustache Six Way The most versatile mustache on the market. This black six-way moustache has a shaping wire which allows the mustache to be bent into an array of different styles for many different characters. So you can wear it any style you like! Comfortable to wear soft rubber clip-on, simply clip it on to your nose, no adhesive necessary. Includes one black mustache only.
immediate shipping
Goatee (Brown)
Goatee (Brown) This brown goatee is made of human hair and lace.
immediate shipping
Mutton Chops Side Burns Brown
Mutton Chops Side Burns Brown Theatrical quality pair of self-adhesive Mutton Chops style side burns.
immediate shipping

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