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Haunted Ghoulie Mansion icon a halloween.it faboorite! Who (or what) lives inside this mysterious mini manse? A close-knit family of friendly monsters just waiting to fix-up and funny-up Halloween celebrations. Cleverly concealed in closet and drawer, ten gallant ghoulies (witch, bat, cat, goblin, ghost, spider, mummy, Frankie, Dracula, and pumpkinhead) are all decked out in incredible, colorful costumes that cover their posable frames with the fabric of fairy tales. Ghoulies make monstrously fun table decorations, party favors, and Halloween activities for ages 3 and up.
Tarantula Puppet iconThis super scary, horrendously hairy spider is looking for a hug. The unabridged arachnid is so shocking and surprising to see, everyone runs from him. Especially when you put him on your hand and wiggle his 8 creepily crooked legs and 2 curled pedipalps. But if you look into his beady little spider eyes, you can see he's really looking for a friend. So after you scare the socks off all your pals, sneak him a comforting little squeeze. A trick and treat for ages 5 and up.
Halloween Tea Set iconEye-of-newt tea? Just kidding! Young Halloween merrymakers love this whimsical tea set, handmade in Germany by a 100-year-old family-owned business. The 12-piece porcelain set, sized just right for children, includes four cups and saucers, teapot with lid, sugar bowl and creamer. Spice up your autumn or Halloween party with Witch's Brew Mulling Spices, an all-natural blend of citrus and aromatic spices that adds spellbinding flavor to teas, juices and cider. Package includes four cheesecloth-wrapped spice balls, 1-1/2 oz. each. For ages 4 and up.
Life-Size Skeleton Floor Puzzle icon How big is the smallest bone in the body? The grain-of-rice-sized stirrup, located deep in the ear, is not part of this puzzle, but it is part of the activities discussion. This life-size skeleton consists of 15 big-bone pieces labeled on the back so you can match them up to the key. But it's more fun to piece it together just by looking at the bones, matching them up to your own body, and then figuring out where in the puzzle they belong. A big bone-anza for ages 5 and up.
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My First Pumpkin Playset
a halloween.it faboorite! This not-scary-at-all playset is made for curious little hands! The plush zip-top pumpkin with carrying handle holds four included toys: crinkly candy corn, squeaky ghost, rattle spider and a kitty that meows. Pumpkin tote measures 6" x 5".
Gross Anatomy iconThey always spring back Squish 'em, stretch 'em, smash 'em - no matter what, they'll always spring back to their original form. These remarkably realistic-looking organs have a strangely gooey texture (eeeew, gross!) which is exactly why they have so much kid-appeal. What better way to get in touch with your inner self? Set of five includes heart, lungs, brain, intestines and stomach, each with its own plastic lab-dish. Outstanding for Halloween party favors and games. For ages 3 and up.
Haunted Glow-in-the-Dark 3-D Puzzle House iconPuzzle aficionados, decorators, children, and families will love this Jekyll-Hyde Victorian mansion. A stately, but somewhat mysterious mansion by day, it grows increasingly creepy after dark when an eerily glowing luminance starts to leak from its walls and windows. Makes a great centerpiece for a Halloween table, and a fun and fabulous 399-piece 3-D puzzle to build. A scream for the whole family.
Groovy Girl Countess Halloween Limited Edition 2005
Groovy Girl Countess Halloween Limited Edition 2005 New limited edition collectable doll for Halloween 2005. Size: 13" H Ages: 6 and up

Folkmanis Spider Puppet
This is a spider plush puppet by Folkmanis. Whether you are reciting the Itsy Bitsy Spider, telling tales of Anansi, or reading Charlotte’s Web, this Spider puppet brings the story to life! With your fingers animating her legs, you will be creeping and crawling and spinning tales of your own! This spider plush puppet measures 11 inches long.

Spider Funny Feet by Bestever
This is a plush spider funny feet by Bestever. This plush funny feet spider only comes in one 6 inch size.
PRICE RANGE under $9
Bloody Putty iconIf you're looking for a totally different party favor, decoration or prank for Halloween, this is IT - two delightful packets of slippery, slimy, gooey, dribbly, creepy, "B-positive" gunk in an I.V.-type bag. It's much more entertaining than blood, though - it's really our old friend slime. And everyone knows how much fun slime is. For ages 3 and up.
Pumpkin Surprise Bugs iconOur funny-faced pumpkins have a surprise for you. . . Our funny-faced pumpkins have a surprise for you. Flip open their tops and OMIGOSH! Inside is an even funnier sight - a whimsically painted "pumpkin bug," each one goofier than the next, but all with rows of madly wiggling, jiggling - you can't help giggling - little legs. Set of three pumpkins triggers jack-o'-lantern-size grins on the faces of those ages 5 and up.
Glow in the Dark Skeleton Puzzle icon"Oh, the ankle bone's connected to the ______?" You'll know all the words to this funny old song after you complete our scale model skeleton. A great Halloween party favor, it's so happy to have been put back together, it positively glows in the dark. Hang a gang in a tree or window to welcome trick-or-treaters. For ages 5 and up.
Light-Up DNA Ball iconWhat is icky, squishy, squashy, lumpy, and scary? Beware! Probably no one you hand it to will want to hold on long enough to guess. But they will want it back again. And again. The gelatinous mass of colorful capsules pulsating with light could be a gob of frog's eggs, a mob of Martians' eyes, a blob of DNA, or not. Hard to put down for ages 3 and up.

Ty® Beanie Babies® 5" Ghoulish Ghost
Each one of our products is made with love and care. We only sell the highest quality products from leading manufacturers and we carefully package your order to ensure that it arrives looking its best!
Kidlooks® Ghost Pup
Kidlooks® Ghost Pup Trick or treat for goodies to eat. Bring along the plush puppy dressed in a ghost costume and holding a pumpkin basket while accepting yummy sweets and don't forget to share with "Ghost Pup".
Kidlooks® Pumpkin Bear
Kidlooks® Pumpkin Bear This adorable plush teddy bear is dressed in a pumpkin costume.
Kidlooks® Witch Kitty
Kidlooks® Witch Kitty Trick or treat for goodies to eat. Bring along the plush kitty dressed in a colorful witch costume while accepting yummy sweets and don't forget to share with "Witch Kitty".

Sesame Street Amazing Mumford GUND Mini Plush
This is a 6" beanie sized plush Amazing Mumford that is soft as can be. It has the GUND durable quality with child safe eyes and is surface washable. Don't forget about his friends Ernie, Bert, Big Bird and more!!

Folkmanis Mini Bat Finger Puppet
This is a Folkmanis Mini Badger Finger Puppet. This Folkmanis Mini Badger Finger Puppet spreads skin thin wings, ready to take to the sky on the tip of your finger. With silk screened detailing and beady black eyes, this aerial mammal will make a fine specimen to add to your finger puppet collection. This Folkmanis Mini Bat Finger Puppet has a 10 inch wing span.

Sesame Street Count Von Count Plush GUND Bookmark
This is a Count Von Count plush bookmark for everyone who likes to read. This bookmark measuring approximately 5" tall reads, "Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3"

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