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Light Up Gigantic Tarantula
Light Up Gigantic Tarantula made of plastic and faux fur and it's body and legs are covered in faux fur. Spider's (8) legs are posable and has red glowing eyes. Includes (2) "AA" batteries.
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Giant 4 foot Demon Bat
Giant 4 foot Demon Bat Creepy Demon Bat turns any space into a Bat-cave! Giant demon bat is shrouded in his black wings with mouth bared, waiting to drink your blood. Scary! Hang on front door just above the welcome mat and see what happens...


Decorative Halloween Feathered Spider 9 Inches
You will be sure to scare your guests when this spider drops in! His feathered body and glaring eyes will haunt your guests.9-inch feathered body with a total span of 30 inches

gigantic furry spider
Spook kids and adults alike with this gigantic furry spider. Can't you just imagine the looks on faces of trick or treaters when they notice this spider sitting at the door or even hanging in the air? It's an evil plan to cook up, but hey how else should you act on the day of witches and warlocks? Spider: 9 feet long and 6" high.

Spooky Spiders & Spiderweb
Keep guests and trick-or-treaters on their toes Celebrate the spooky season with this Set of Two Spiders. Frighteningly, they're nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. Giant, 10'-diameter Spider Web is made from durable sisal. Makes the ideal lair for your new Spiders.
Remote Control Mexican Redknee Tarantula
Remote Control Mexican Redknee Tarantula Be the master of this life-size, creepy crawler who moves his striped legs with fuzzy stealth. Radio control tarantula with remoteFurry and life-sizedCrawls like a real spiderEyes light upScurries across any flat, smooth surfaceGive your friends a real fright with this super scary life-like spider.
Discovery Radio Control Arthropods
Discovery Radio Control Arthropods Send these creepy-crawlies scurrying across the floor – they're so lifelike, they may send your friends running! Exact replicas of nature's most amazing insectsSculpted from real specimensFeatures three snap-on bug exoskeletons Control one of three species by simply switching the exoskeletonIncludes a Rhinoceros Beetle, Hissing Cockroach and Hercules BeetleFully charged in about 2 minutesBranch-shaped remote control moves bugs forward and reverse with the push of two buttons – antenna retracts into branchBugs snap onto remote control for easy recharging and fun display

Sound Activated Revolting Giant Rat
Caught In A Trap This is a completely revolting and horrifying gag. Our GIANT rat measures 12 inches long not including the extra long tail and his face is covered in gory blood. His head appears to be caught in a huge rat trap, and his body will quiver and shake when someone comes near, and a sound is detected. This will scare the pants off anyone who comes close! CLICK HERE TO WATCH A VIDEO DEMO
Spider, 50'' Hairy, Posea
Spider, 50'' Hairy, Poseable HAIRY SPIDER OVER 4 FEET ACROSS! This HUGE poseable spider is over four feet across and has poseable, hairy legs! Comes in any of these color combinations: Black, or Black with any of these color stripes: Neon Green, Pink, Orange or Puprle. Our choice please.
Radio Controlled Rat
Radio Controlled Rat The life-sized rubber rat is all you need to scare the living daylights out of your family and friends. Its textured body, glowing red eyes and fast movement all add effect to this nasty little rodent. Powered by 3 AA and 1 9v battery, the rat is controlled by a small radio controller. With the flick of a switch you can move your rat left, right forwards or backwards. With a range of up to 50 feet, you can watch at a safe distance as the rat scuttles and spins around. He has been designed with an evil looking face, snarling teeth and beady eyes that glow red when he moves. Enjoy hours of fun patrolling your house or office, terrorizing anything that comes in its way!!

JUMBO PLUSH SPIDER Stuffed plush body with poseable legs. The red flashing eyes are sure to show up. Legs Approximately 20" L. Requires 2 "AA" batteries sold separately HT89.

furry spider
This furry spider is just huggable. It's span is 30" and it has the cutest red eyes. It can be easily hung from a doorway or used as a centerpiece. Our friends have even been known to leave it out all year long. Poseable legs.

glitter spiders - set of 3
These bendable glittery spiders look like they are creeping along the table, but instead of scaring everybody, they make everyone smile. Sold in a set of 3, ranging in size from 5" to 14".

shimmer spider garland
This shimmer spider garland will leave you gasping at the idea of flushing spiders down the toilet. At least, not when they look so perfect on the dining room table that is. Spiders: 10" long. Garland: 4' long.

glitter colored spiders - set of 3
Stock up on these sparkly spideys for a Halloween haunt. Bold red, yellow and orange designs lure guests into their proverbial webs. 5" long by 8" wide. Set of 3.

Spider of Doom Sound Activated Spider
Scare your guests with this sound activated Spider of Doom! When a noise is made, this spider quickly drops down from the ceiling! Then, it will slowly climb back up to the top with its creepy legs moving up and down as it climbs. When it reaches the top, it will patiently wait for it's next prey! Spider of Doom ITEM #MI-001 OUR PRICE: $ 16.89
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Radio controlled RAT
Using the cordless remote, you can make the hideous, life-sized rodent travel up to 50 feet away. When you press the buttons, the rat's eyes light up an evil red. He glides along quietly, so you can really sneak up on friends.
PRICE RANGE under $9.99
Halloween decorations
Rat-Realistic 24" Rubber
Very realistic and quite scary looking.This molded rubber rat is approximately 24" long from nose to tail, is stuffed, pliable and eight paint masks are used to achieve realistic color and detail. Makes a great prop or decoration, including Draco Malfoy's pet Rat
Spiders - Mini Plastic
Spiders - Mini Plastic Perfect to accent any fake spider web. Same spider design as spider ring, but not a ring. Includes 144 plastic mini spiders.
20" Hairy Spider-Poseable Fun decoration for parties! Spider has poseable legs, both body and legs are covered with a fuzzy faux fur. Comes in any of these color combinations: solid Black, or two-toned: Black/Color Stripes. Color stripes: Neon Green, Pink, Orange or Purple, our choice please.
The Mouse
The Mouse Everyone thinks it's alive! Real fur with eyes and tail that make this a superb puppet. Manipulate it with your finger.
Spider Hairy Jumping
Spider Hairy Jumping Looks real! Complete with attached bulb for easy use. This includes one spider. It is the spider shown on the left hand side of the image with the attached tube and bulb.
Terrible Tarantulas
Terrible Tarantulas Looks like the real thing! BOY! Do these look real at over 4 & 1/2'' long! Comes two in each pack.
Wall Grabber - Rat
Wall Grabber - Rat Attach to your wall and make it look like you have not to friendly guests! A dreadful decal that clings to your walls! Rat Hole shows a menacing rat with red beady eyes coming out of a whole in the wall, it measures 24" x 12" and clings to most surfaces again and again. Can stand alone or work as a compliment to Scene Setters ™.

tube of insects
You don't need a microscope to see detail on these realistic insects, ranging from and ant to a fly to a grasshopper. Kids will get a kick out of these super-sized creepy crawlers, even if part of the fun is scaring Mom. 14" tube with 1.5" diameter. For ages 3+. Set of approximately 16 insects.

white spider web with 4 spiders - 2 packs
This white web crawling with spiders will give your haunted house a little street cred. Give trick-or-treaters and party guests the heebie-jeebies as they tiptoe to your doorstep. Though they'll have chills, they won't be daunted - everyone knows the spookiest houses have the best candy. 6 ft long, stretches to 200 sq. ft. 2 packs.
3 Black Metal Spider Dangles icon  Black metal spiders with hooks. Perfect for decorating to the ghastliest of tastes.

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