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Extreme Halloween Costumes in all sizes!



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The Animated Holiday Scene Projector.
The Animated Holiday Scene Projector. This weatherproof projector transforms the facade of your house into an animated Halloween or Christmas display, without requiring you to spend hours on a ladder attaching lights. It repeatedly projects one of four included full-color, 25-second cartoons up to 8' tall from separate film cartridges that easily snap into the top of the projector. Two Halloween cartoons include a smiling skeleton trying to avoid pumpkins hurled at him from off-stage and a Jack o' Lantern that winks and smiles before fading to black. Two Christmas cartoons include Santa arriving on a rooftop in his sleigh and depositing presents down a chimney and a Christmas tree being feverishly decorated by a group of hasty elves. The projector is made of sturdy ABS and can stand on its integral tripod or can be staked into the ground with an included stake that affixes to the bottom. Focus control allows you to create sharp images on garage doors or the side of your home. It can also be used indoors. A built-in security ring thwarts would-be holiday pranksters. Plugs into AC with included adapter. 13" H x 6 1/4" W x 8 1/4" D. (5 1/4 lbs.)

Light Display Projector
EZ Up® Light Show: Light Display Projector BEST SELLER! Instead of spending hours up a ladder attaching lights to your house, take a few minutes to set this weatherproof light projector on your front lawn and transform your homes entire facade into an illuminated snowscape. The projector creates gently falling snow flurries or other images across a 60'-wide expanse by directing a bright white beam onto a rotating mirror ball. Turn the mirror ball housing and you can adjust direction (up, down, side to side, diagonal) of the flakes, while a simple switch adjusts rate of fall. The projector also comes with a set of additional interchangeable slides (eight total including snowflake slide) that slip into the lamp housing for a variety of images, including: deer, stars, balloons, skaters, witches, b ats, and ghosts. Projector rests on a stable stand. Plugs into AC. UL listed. 22" H x 8" W x 20" L. (512 lbs.)

Cannon Thunder Strobe
Cannon Thunder Strobe
48 Inch Blacklite Floor Lamp
48 Inch Blacklite Floor Lamp Electrify any plain old room for your New Year's party with this 48 inch Blacklite floor lamp. The intense ultraviolet glow creates the prefect underground club atmosphere. Get ready to cover your walls with glow-in-the-dark details tonight!

Strobe light w/thunder sound Let the lightning flash and thunder roll--create perfect storms with this professional-quality strobe! Adjust flash speed; use with or without sound effects. Use freestanding or mounted (hardware incl.) indoors or in sheltered outdoor areas. Plastic case. 6x6"H. UL-listed.
PRICE RANGE under $24
Lighting Effects w/ Spooky Sounds CD
Lighting Effects w/ Spooky Sounds CD BEST SELLER! Turn any room into a Haunted House! For an instant haunted house this lighting effects is a must have! Just connect to household lamps and watch them flicker, dim and dazzle to music. No batteries required. * Lighting FX Box
* 30 minute spooky sounds CD included * Electric * Size of box is approximately: 6.5” Long x 5” Wide x 2.75” High
Black Light Bulb
Black Light Bulb Add eerie light enhancement for your party. Black light bulb (75w/120v) will be terrific for spooky party decorations at your party. Light base pictured is not available. Bulb fits in any light fixture that takes up to 75watts.
Psychedelic Party Light Show DVD
Psychedelic Party Light Show DVD Want a better party? Add the light show... it includes music too! Turn your TV into the most amazing Psychedelic Party Light Show. This DVD offers a display of lights and colors along with music to make your party groovy. Your guests are sure to have a fun time.
18" Blacklight Time to bring in the funk; the noise can wait. This 18” Blacklight comes with fixture and blacklight tube. It's great mood setter for any kind of groovy party.

Flashlight /Radio /Siren High-beam flashlight has built-in radio and siren! AM /FM radio keeps them entertained, lights the way to and from the campfire. Push-button siren sounds for games of hide 'n' seek, rescue squad, night commandos! 9x6 1/2" high with powerful 3" speaker. Takes 4 "C" batteries (not included). Name up to 8 letters.
Strobe 360 Blue
Strobe 360 Blue Set the stand on the table or mount it to the wall! No matter where this strobe is placed, it adds a little more fun to the party.
24 Inch Linkable Black Light Fixture
24 Inch Linkable Black Light Fixture Set the mood with one, or several black lights and get the party started. Switch one on and white clothes, teeth, fluorescent posters and more glow in the dark. Add an eerie touch of drama to any room - keep the party going as long as you want. This 14" black light is has a linking cable, letting you connect up to five fixtures on one power cord.
Peep n' Peepers
Peep n' Peepers Haunt you home with these eerie Peep n' Peepers luminescent eyes! String this spooky Halloween decoration amongst the foliage and give trick-or-treaters the chills. Will look great in the summer with the Christmas lights you also forgot to take down...

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