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Extreme Halloween Costumes in all sizes!

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lots of Halloween-themed candy bags can be found in our candy treats section!

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Department 56 Spider Hat
This sweet spider wishes you a Happy Halloween! A silver spider web base and orange hat add a spot of color and black ribbon ties complete the look. Designed as part of the Glitterville Collection by Department 56.

Dept 56 Halloween Krinkles Pins Set of 3
Dept 56 Krinkles Halloween Collection by Patience Brewster. Add some spice to your Halloween with this whimsical and colorful Halloween Pins set. Assortment of 3 pins. Size: 3"each; Weight: 2 oz;

Dept 56 Halloween Krinkles Pins Set of 3
Dept 56 Krinkles Halloween Collection by Patience Brewster. Add some spice to your Halloween with this whimsical and colorful Halloween Pins Set. Assortment of 3 pins. Size: 3"each; Weight: 2 oz;

eyeball candy rings-set of 24
A spooky halloween treat great for handing out to your trick or treaters, class parties or your halloween party. 1.5" diameter, comes in assorted colors.

cat pushtoy- set of 12
Plum Party has a thing for old fashioned wooden push toys. Kids (and kids at heart) love to play with them. We place them around the food table and on serving trays. Perfect party favors. We've heard lots of stories about friends who leave them on their desks and everyone who visits picks them up and has a good time. We take that as a sign of an excellent party favor. 4.5" tall. Set of 12.

ghost party crackers-pack of 8
These party favors look ghastly (ghastly good) when used as place cards or packaged in goody bags. When popped they reveal all sorts of bells, whistles and more. 9.5" crackers. Set of 8 tied with ribbon. Cracker contents include: spiders, bats, skull keychains, coffin keychains, fingernails, vampire teeth and snakes. Content may change. Pack of 8.

HALLOWEEN REFLECTORS These large reflectors are just the thing for young trick or treaters. Play it safe and get some for your kids. 30" cord with 5" Wide pumpkin & 3" reflector.

WALKING SKELETONS Wind them up and watch them go! Made of plastic. Size 2¾” T
24 Toy-Filled Jack-O-Lanterns icon Fun-filled, mini pumpkins are the perfect treat for all tricksters! 2 1/2 x 2" plastic jack-o-lanterns come filled with Halloween surprises like spider rings, whistle necklaces, and more! A great alternative to candy. Imported.
Halloween Rubber Duckies iconMake the most haunted face smile with these squeezably soft plastic ducks. Dressed in fun halloween costumes, these duckies come in a set of 12, 2 each of 6 designs; 2 1/2" tall. Frighteningly cute duckies make fun party favors or centerpieces! Safe for all ages.

rubber halloween finger puppets
Halloween spirit is at your fingertips! These rubber finger puppets are shaped like Halloween's usual suspects from witches to pumpkins to monsters. Scatter them around centerpieces on Halloween party tables for place settings that are fun and interactive. .5" by 1.5".

box o' bones glow in the dark skeleton puzzles
Great party favor. Each glow in the dark puzzle comes in a great box. Not suitable for children under the age of 5.

Blinking Pumpkin Necklace Light up the night with a parade of flashing pumpkins. Plastic pumpkins on a 34" black cord have 3 light modes: alternate flashing, constant flashing, and on continuously. Includes 2 button batteries and 2 replacement batteries.

Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Rubber Duckies These rubber duckies are great to give to trick-or-treaters or as Halloween party favors! Set includes 4 each of cat, vampire, pumpkin, mummy, ghost and monster. Each 1 1/2 x 1 1/2". Imported.
Set of 24!!!

24 Halloween Pop-Ups Press 'em down and watch 'em jump high! Fun party favors for "kids" of all ages! Set includes 6 each of 4 designs: witch, jack-o-lantern, bat and ghost. Plastic figures with metal springs and rubber suction cups. Imported.

LARGE STICKY SKELETONS These skeletons stretch and stick to most any surface. Assorted neon colors. Size 6½” (unstretched)

GLOW TEETH Put a real glow into any smile. Individually bagged. Soft plastic. Size 2". Non-Toxic.

HALLOWEEN BRACELETS Black and orange cloth. Assorted only. Size adjusts from 3" to 5".

GLOW WITCH FINGERS Gives a lasting effect to any costume. Soft plastic size 3" long.

GOOFY TEETH Fits over real teeth. Individually poly bagged. Soft plastic. Size 2".

WITCH'S FINGERS Made of soft plastic. Size 3" L.

SKELETONS Soft plastic bodies. Hanging clip on back. Size 3 1/2" L.

PUMPKIN BUBBLE NECKLACES As fun to play with, as it is festive to wear. Adorable, plastic, pumpkin bottle with bubbles. 26" cloth cord. Bottle size 2 1/2" T

HALLOWEEN RINGS Made of plastic - four assorted. Size 1 1/4" Diam

Color Your Own Treat Bags
Package of 12 mini shopping bag style treat bags for the kids to color. Great for trick or treating! Assorted designs. Crayons not included.

Bendable Skeletons - Set of 12 Bend and pose these 5 1/4" bony vinyl skeletons any way you want! Decorate a party table with these creepy toys or give them out for a fun goody!
Halloween Piece-of-Cake Treat Boxes icon Fill these 12 wedge-shaped Halloween treat boxes with wrapped treats and arrange them in a circle to form a complete "cake." Topped with a candy-corn design, each treat box easily assembles to 2 1/2 x 3 1/4 x 4 3/4" so it looks like a piece of cake. They make terrific Halloween party favors!

HALLOWEEN TIC-TAC-TOE GAMES Specially designed for Halloween with ghost and pumpkin game pieces. Boards are 5" square - foam.
PRICE RANGE under $4.99

Haunted House Personalized Bag Tag
Personalized, laminated Haunted House bag tag comes with 6" plastic lanyard, (2.5" x 3.9"), each.

Halloween Party Personalized Bag Tag
Personalized, laminated Halloween Party bag tag comes with 6" plastic lanyard, (2.5" x 3.9"), each.

Halloween Personalized Bag Tag
Each of these 2.5" x 3.9" laminated Halloween Personalized Bag Tags comes with a 6" plastic lanyard. Use them to personalize your guests' favor bags or give them out as fun party keepsakes to identify backpacks, sports bags and more. (Each)
Cemetery Party Favor Kit
Cemetery Party Favor Kit The Cemetery favor kit for one guest includes: (1) Halloween Coffin Container (assorted colors, our choice please), (1) Skull Ball, (1) Small Skeleton, (1) Metal Skull Bracelet, and (1) Small Rat.
immediate shipping
Spidermania Party Favor Kit
Spidermania Party Favor Kit The Spidermania favor kit for one guest includes: (1) Spidermania Treat Bag, (1) Stretch Spider (assorted styles, our choice please), (1) 20" Green Glow Necklace, (1) Halloween Spring (black or orange, our choice please), and (1) Spider Ring (black or orange, our choice please).
immediate shipping
Spooky Halloween Party Favor Kit
Spooky Halloween Party Favor Kit The Spooky Halloween favor kit for one guest includes: (1) Halloween Pumpkin Container, (1) Plastic Bat (comes in black or glow in the dark white, our choice please), (1) Beaded Necklace w/Trick or Treat Medallion, (1) Pumpkin Squeeze Ball, (1) Rubber Band Bracelet, (1) Bounce Ball.
immediate shipping
Sparkle Eyeball Party Favor Kit
Sparkle Eyeball Party Favor Kit The Sparkle Eyeball favor kit for one guest includes: (1) Halloween Coffin Container (assorted colors, our choice please), (1) Light Up Eyeball Ring, (1) Eye Slide Ball, (1) Small Spider, and (1) Bloody Eye Wall Crawler.
immediate shipping
Stretchy Spiders (8 count)
Stretchy Spiders (8 count) Includes 8 plastic stretchy black spiders. Spiders are made of a stretchy plastic and have a rubbery feel.
immediate shipping
Eyeball Rings (12 count)
Eyeball Rings (12 count) Package contains 12 eyeball rings.
immediate shipping
Skeleton Favors (12 count)
Skeleton Favors (12 count) Frightening fun favors! This package contains twelve (12) rubber skeleton party favors that measure approximately 2.5" high x 1.5" wide.
immediate shipping
Small Spiders (20 count)
Small Spiders (20 count) A spooky party favor! This package includes twenty (20) rubber spiders that measure approximately 2" long. They are a great for party favors or just for fun! Caution: not for children under 3 years old.
immediate shipping
Eyeball Rings (12 count)
Eyeball Rings (12 count) The eyes have it! This package contains twelve (12) eyeball rings that are perfect for party favors! Caution: choking hazard. Not intended for children under the age of 3 years old.
immediate shipping
Halloween Spring
Halloween Spring Spring into fun! This plastic Halloween spring toy comes in orange or black (our choice please) and makes a perfect party favor!
immediate shipping
Black and Orange Bounce Balls (12 count)
Black and Orange Bounce Balls (12 count) The kids will love these bounce balls! Package contains twelve (12) orange or black bounce balls, our choice please. Package contains 6 balls of each color. Makes a great party favor!
immediate shipping
Halloween Beaded Necklace
Halloween Beaded Necklace A great Halloween party favor! This Halloween necklace measures approximately 33" long, features black beads with bats and has an orange medallion with "trick" printed on one side and "or treat" on the other.
immediate shipping
Halloween Party Favor Kit
Halloween Party Favor Kit The Halloween Party favor kit for one guest includes: (1) Pumpkin Party Treat Bag, (1) Black or Orange Bounce Ball (our choice please), (1) Halloween Cup with Lid & Straw, (1) Pumpkin Squeeze Ball.
immediate shipping
Rats Asst. (8 count)
Rats Asst. (8 count) Includes 8 plastic rats that are approximately 3" long and come in glow-in-the-dark white and black.
immediate shipping
Bats Asst. (8 count)
Bats Asst. (8 count) Includes 8 plastic bats that glow in the dark and measure approximately 4.5" wide x 1.5" tall. Please Note: Most packages contain 6 black bats and 2 white glow in the dark bats
immediate shipping
Pumpkin Squeeze Ball (1 count)
Pumpkin Squeeze Ball (1 count) Includes one pumkin squeeze ball.
immediate shipping
Light Up Eyeball Ring (1 count)
Light Up Eyeball Ring (1 count) Includes one light up eyeball ring that measures approximately 1.5" in diameter."
immediate shipping
Stretch Eyeball Asst. (1 count)
Stretch Eyeball Asst. (1 count) Includes one foam stretch eyeball that Eyeball is approximately 2" long x 2" wide.
immediate shipping
12 Halloween Pencils icon  Set of 12 #2 hardwood pencils feature candy corn with smiling faces on black background. Great general-purpose pencil.

Halloween Lollipop Holders Slip your lollipops into these holders to turn them into fun Halloween loot. 8 each of 4 designs; each about 3 1/2 x 4 1/4".

Halloween Candy Holders - Set of 40 Create cute little treats --- just attach your wrapped candies to the cards with included adhesive dots. 2 designs; 2 x 3 1/2".


MINI HALLOWEEN ERASERS Three assorted. Size 1"T.

HALLOWEEN MAGIC SLATES assorted. Write on-lift off. 5"x7"

STICKY SKELETONS Glow in the dark, sticky, stretchy, stuff. 2 1/2" Tall (unstretched).

DELUXE HALLOWEEN RINGS Four assorted - made of soft plastic. Size 1 1/2" high.

HALLOWEEN PINBALL GAMES 4 assorted - hard plastic. Size 3"

PUMPKIN FACE RINGS Our foam rings are designed with a happy Jack-O-Lantern thats 2" across. The perfect little treat.

Halloween Deluxe Favor Set
Give your little "goblins" a scary treat with one set of Halloween deluxe favors, favor bag, crinkle paper and twist tie.

Halloween Stationary Set
Halloween themed stationary set includes 1 sheet of 14 Halloween stickers, 4 Halloween erasers, and a Halloween printed pencil.

Halloween Bubbles
Mini Halloween bubbles with wand, each. Assorted styles and colors.

Halloween Stamper
Halloween mini stampers, assorted designs and colors. Not recommended for children under 3 years.


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