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1000 watt fogger
1000 watt fogger
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Ground Fogger
Ground Fogger This 1000 watt fogger will add an spooky feeling to your haunted house! Comes with complete instructions.
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Fog Filled Bubble Machine
Fog Filled Bubble Machine includes machine, 1/2 pint Bubble Juice and 1/2 pint Fog Juice. UL Listed.
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Large Copper Cauldron & Mini-fogger
Our Large Copper Cauldron & Mini-fogger add real Halloween atmosphere. Crafted from Anatolian copper, the Cauldron is an authentic, handmade reproduction of an antique original. Place our Multicolor Fogger inside the Cauldron, add water, and watch a magical mist appear. With nine multicolor LED lights, the fog appears as a rainbow of colors. Uses ultrasound technology to generate fog with no chemicals. 19" - 21" diameter.

Foggy Halloween Cauldron
This Foggy Halloween Cauldron uses no chemicals, so requires no muss or fuss — even Frankenstein could do it. Instead, our Cauldron uses tap water and plugs into a standard outlet. All you have to do is stand back and enjoy the appropriate eerie effects. Includes fogger and glowing lights. 17" diameter, 17"H.

Commercial Fogger
Just plug in the compact Commercial Fogger into any standard outlet, add the fog fluid (not included), and prepare to scare. It's programmable, and is great for all room sizes. Uses a completely safe, water-based fog fluid available at most party supply stores.

Fogger Bubble Machine

Our Fogger Bubble Machine brings mystery and whimsy to your next Halloween party. This 200-watt machine produces bubbles that release a puff of fog when they burst.
* Starts producing fog-filled bubbles minutes after being plugged in
* Machine fits easily on a table
* Unique addition to any holiday get-together

Cauldron Fogger - 14"

• Plastic Cauldron
• Overall Dimensions: 14x14x14 "
Toxic Waste Fogger
Toxic Waste Fogger Measures approximately 8" high x 6" wide and comes with a UL approved adapter, a mist deflector, a plastic liner, a plastic mat.
immediate shipping
Coffin Fogger
Coffin Fogger Coffin Fogger measures approximately 6" high x 9.25" wide x 5.5" deep and is made of resin and plastic and includes the fogger and lights. Fogger uses regular tap water.
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Crystal Ball Fogger
Crystal Ball Fogger The Crystal Ball Fogger has skeletal fingers gripping the ball and fogger and lights. Decoration measures approximately 7.5" high. Fogger uses regular tap water
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Grim Reaper Fogger
Grim Reaper Fogger Grim Reaper Fogger has a tombstone-like shape with the Grim's face on the backboard with the hands holding a stone bowl that contains the fogger unit (uses regular tap water). Measures approximately 14" high and is made of resin and plastic.
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400 watt fogger
400 watt fogger This 400 watt fogger will create the perfect spooky scene in any room! Comes with complete instructions. Includes UL Listed AC adapter with on/off switch and 6' long power cord. For indoor use only.
immediate shipping
9.5 Sinister Pumpkin Fogger
9.5" Sinister Pumpkin Fogger 9.5" Sinister Pumpkin Fogger uses regular tap water and is made of thick, sturdy plastic. Includes UL Listed AC Adapter with on/off switch and Power Cord. Includes plastic mat to place under unit. Fogger Unit includes mini-lights that change colors. For indoor use only. Fog rolls out of the eyes, nose and evil grin. Adult Supervision is required.
immediate shipping
Sinister Pumpkin Fogger
Sinister Pumpkin Fogger Pumpkin Fogger measures approximately 10" tall. Uses regular tap water. Made of thick, sturdy plastic. Includes UL approved AC adapter with 6' long power cord. Includes plastic mat to place under unit.
immediate shipping
Smoking Skull Fogger
Smoking Skull Fogger Smoking Skull Fogger is approximately 6.5" tall x 5" wide x 7" deep and includes the fogger unit with color changing lights and a 4' long power cord. Includes an UL listed AC adapter with a 6' long power cord
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Fog / Mist Maker Unit
Fog / Mist Maker Unit Fog Maker Unit comes with complete instructions and UL Listed AC Adapter with 6' long power cord. Unit creates fog with ordinary tap water.
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Halloween Skull Fog Machine Prop

* Makes a great for haunted houses and parties
* Measures roughly 7" high x 6 1/2" wide x 10" deep
* Self contained and uses fog juice
* 110 volts
* Realistic details
The Tabletop Mist Emitting Skull Fountain.
The Tabletop Mist Emitting Skull Fountain. this is the tabletop fountain that emits a cloud of billowing mist to envelop a ghastly array of seven hollow skulls piled on top of one another. Water is drawn into a quiet misting pump housed beneath the skull assembly that has four flow control settings for faster, flowing mist or slower, creeping fog which emanates from the skulls' eye sockets. Crafted from PVC, and textured and hand-painted to resemble lichen-covered stone with entangled, mottled-green vines climbing its pedestal, the fountain's basin collects water that oozes from an aperture in the topmost skull. Water is recycled to produce continuous mist, and the pump shuts off automatically when the water level is too low. Concealed red LEDs provide an eerie luminescence from the eye sockets of each skull. The basin is rimmed with six 1 1/2" high gargoyles that pout outward. Plugs into AC with 5' cord that can be hidden beneath leaves or other Halloween decorations. 18" H x 12" Diam. (4 1/2 lbs.)
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