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Halloween Music CDs

This 4-CD Halloween Music Set features the same music used by major theme parks and haunted houses. Fill the night with atmospheric orchestrations perfect for Halloween.
Original material combines orchestra, sound effects, and human voices to create chilling compositions. Ideal for parties, trick-or-treating, or campfire ghost stories.
Horror Sound FX CD
Horror Sound FX CD
Did you hear that? Freak out your guests and trick-or-treaters with this CD. Includes (1) compact disc with sound tracks to make your skin crawl. Look for more Halloween products (sold separately).
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Fright Flicks Sequel CD
Fright Flicks Sequel CD Songs featured on the CD are The Phantom of the Opera, Twilight Zone, Psycho, Blade Runner, The Sixth Sense, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Silence of the Lambs, Pet Sematary, Night on Bald Mountain, Scream 2, The Shining, Poltergeist, Exorcist II, Tocatta and Fugue, Funeral March of the Marionette, and the Hall of the Mountain King! Please Note: Music is not performed by the original artists.
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Martha Stewart Spooky Sounds CD
Martha Stewart Spooky Sounds CD This CD is perfect for any Halloween Party! From the Martha Stewart Living collection. Spooky Scary Sounds For Halloween. Great to have on in the background at any Halloween party, will add that haunted house touch!
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Nox Arcana Transylvania Music CD
Nox Arcana Transylvania Music CD Take a terrifying trip to Transylvania and enjoy the scary soundscape with this Transylvania music cd! This Halloween music cd features all creatures of the night--vampires, witches, and werewolves-- while telling the terrifying tale of Bram Stoker's classic horror novel Dracula. The seductive and sinister sounds range from haunting piano, violin and harpsichord melodies to creepy pipe organs, tolling bells, wailing spirits and gothic choirs.
Nox Arcana Carnival of Lost Souls Music CD
Nox Arcana Carnival of Lost Souls Music CD Welcome one and all to the circus of the strange, the sideshow of the sinister, and the big top of the bizarre! This Nox Arcana Carnival of lost Souls cd transports every audience to an eerie old-time "Circus Diabloque", a creepy carnival that rises from the shadows every one-hundred years. This spine-chinning Halloween music cd offers dark symphonies and ghostly choirs with narratives from wicked ringleader.
Nox Arcana Darklore Manor Music CD
Nox Arcana Darklore Manor Music CD Embark on an eerie musical journey throughout a legendary haunted house with a dark and sinister history. This Halloween music cd tells the terrifying tale of an abandoned Victorian mansion, a cursed family bloodline, and tales of black magic, murder, and vengeful ghosts. Set up this cd for a scary soundscape of haunting melodies, vengeful voices, and chilling latin chants.
Nox Arcana Necronomicon Music CD
Nox Arcana Necronomicon Music CD
Nox Arcana Grimm Tales Music CD
Nox Arcana Grimm Tales Music CD
Nox Arcana Shadow of the Raven Music CD
Nox Arcana Shadow of the Raven Music CD

Listen and dance to a collection of favorite spooky songs and sounds. 16 tunes. CD only.
Halloween Hits CD
Halloween Hits CD The CD includes the following songs: 1) Monster Mash 2) Haunted House 3) The Blob 4) Ghostbusters 5) Twilight Zone 6) The Purple People Eater 7) The Addams Family (Main Title) 8) I Put A Spell On You 9) Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes 10) Martian Hop
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Midnight Syndicate Vampyre Music Cd
Midnight Syndicate Vampyre Music Cd Send spooky chills through your guests with this scary Vampire Music cd. The perfect soundtrack for any haunted house or Halloween party!
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition Soundtrack CD
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition Soundtrack CD Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas gets the deluxe treatment in its Special Edition re-release, and now you can own the chilling soundtrack on two CDs.
Nightmare Revisited Soundtrack CD
Nightmare Revisited Soundtrack CD Nightmare Revisted Soundtrack CD is a frightfully fun collection of cover songs from the cult movie Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Various top artists, including Marilyn Manson, Korn, Rise Against and Polyphonic Spree, have recorded all new versions of such favorites as Kidnap the Sandy Claws, This is Halloween and Town Meeting Song. Now you can relive the ghostly classics with this ghoulish CD featuring none other than the Pumpkin King himself on the cover, Jack Skellington.
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Ghost and Ghoul Music CD
Ghost and Ghoul Music CD
Midnight gongs, creaking doors, growling wolves and violent chains are just a few of the bone chilling sound effects that are included on this Halloween music CD. Over 75 tracks of suspenseful Halloween sound effects set the perfect graveyard, front porch or haunted house scene! Examples of some of the tracks included are: - Ghostly sounds - Demonic laughter - Footsteps - Creaking Door (Audio Clip) - Cat howl - Woman screaming - Clock striking twelve - Diabolical laughter - Bubbles in water - Machine gun blast - Shovel digging in earth - Mad ape - Violently Shaking Chains (Audio Clip) - Thunder (Audio Clip) ...and many more!
Haunted House Music CD
Haunted House Music CD The perfect compliment to your haunted house decorations, this terrifying and creepy Halloween music CD includes 10 songs and Halloween sound effects perfect for a haunted house, front porch or graveyard scene. Tracks include: - Midnight in the Field (Audio Clip) - A Walk to the House - Land of Dementia - Good To See You (Audio Clip) - Closet of Heartbeat - Come to My Playroom - The Lab - The Scream - Mad Scientist (Audio Clip) - Haunted House : High speed connection recommended.
Sounds From the Crypt Music CD
Sounds From the Crypt Music CD This spine-tingling Halloween sound effects CD contains over 20 chilling tracks to set the scene for a fake graveyard, haunted house decoration, or front porch! Tracks include: - Evil Monster Laugh (Audio Clip) - Woman scream 1 - Woman scream 2 - Woman scream 3 - Terrified woman - Woman Being Attacked (Audio Clip) - Man yell 1 - Man yell 2 - Man yelling/falling - Cymbal suspense - Gong suspense - Manic confusion - Alien boink - Irritating sound - Destruction 1: Glass - Destruction 2: Furniture - Thrashing yer house - Opening grave - Scary suspense 1 - Scary suspense 2...and more!
Graveyard Terror Music CD
Graveyard Terror Music CD This Halloween sound effects "Graveyard Terror" CD sets a cold, chilling scene reminiscent of a midnight graveyard stroll. A perfect match for graveyard decorations! 19 spooky sounds are included, such as "The Dig," "Looking for Evil," "Stormy Church Bells," "Sleepy Eerie Time," "Limpin' Along," "Walking Through the Graveyard," "Crazy Chains," and many more! Also includes a bonus printable Halloween activity book.
Sounds of Horror Music CD
Sounds of Horror Music CD This Halloween music CD specializes in sounds of horror! It includes 38 chilling Halloween sound effects, such as "Violent Thunderstorm," "Suspense Music," "Supernatural Swirl," "Demonic Laughter," "Knife Stabbing Body Several Times," "Wolves Howling," "Creaking Door," and many more! Also includes a bonus printable Halloween activity book featuring decorations, masks, connect-the-dots, mazes and word search puzzles.
Rude and Crude Halloween Sounds CD
Rude and Crude Halloween Sounds CD Rude, crude and lewd! All tricks and no treats for you, you nasty thing! Get down and get evil this Halloween with this crazy CD filled with Halloween sound effects to create madness and mayhem. Hey, who cut the cheese?

horror sounds cd
Hear howls, growls, screeches and screams! This all new scary sounds CD is a fun way to add a little fright to Halloween night! 55 minutes.


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