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Grim Reaper
He's coming... for you! He's coming to make sure you rest ... in pieces! This scary Grim Reaper is perfect for your Halloween get together. Stands approximately 6' high x 2' wide. Head and hand are made of hard latex. Tombstone is made of a sturdy foam. Realistic-looking skull head is sure to give your guests the creeps. Uses 2 - "AA" batteries (not included) for red, light-up eyes. Some assembly required. Great for entrances for parties or Haunted Houses.
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Well With Skull And Fog
From the depths of the old well ... comes this terrifyingly twisted skull from hell!This nightmarish prop features a rotting latex skull climbing out of a murky well. Add water to create creepy rolling fog. Circular Prop measures approximately 9" high x 21" wide x 21" deep. Includes AC power cord that plugs into any standard outlet. Features grisly detailing and a squishy rubber feel for a horrific look! Package includes: Latex Well, AC Adapter and Fog Mechanism.
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Hanging Cowboy Skeleton with Red Flashing Eyes
Our Hanging Cowboy Skeleton with Red Flashing Eyes is an Old West fright. The oversized figure's flashing red eyes and ragged cloak make this cowboy equally frightening during the night as the day.

* Cowboy is dressed for the trail in a long brown duster and matching wide-brim hat
* Crafted from durable all-weather materials for enjoyment for Halloweens to come
* A ring in the back makes each easy to hang
* Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included

The most impressive display on the block just might also be the easiest to hang — just locate a branch and hoist him up!


5' Hanging Nun
5' Hanging Nun is dressed to kill and ready to scare! Nun Skeleton is wearing a black habit robe and cross necklace and a wimple on her head.She is also holding a faux bible. Hanging Nun measures approximately 63" high. Eyes light up and change color. Requires (3) LR44 Batteries (included). Decoration comes with its own black fabric mesh bag for easy fold up storage. For indoor use only.
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5' Hanging Priest
This 5' Hanging Priest can take care of the tortured souls at your party. Skeleton Priest is wearing a black robe with white collar and a skull and cross bones neck chain. He is also holding a faux bible. Eyes light up and change color. Requires (3) LR44 Batteries (included). Decoration measures approximately 63" high. For indoor use only.
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5' Hanging Grim Reaper
Don't fear the Reaper...unless he's coming for you! This 5' Hanging Grim Reaper is a wicked decoration for your Halloween party! Reaper is made of plastic and foam and is wearing black robes. Eyes light up and change color. Requires (3) - "LR44" Batteries (included). Grim Reaper measures approximately 63" high. For indoor use only.
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58 animated grim reaper with remote
58" Animated Grim Reaper with Remote Animated Moving Reaper Prop stands approximately 60" tall. Has red light-up flashing eyes, hard plastic skull and hands, a grey gauze shroud and a remote control that controls movement. For indoor use only. Arms are posable. Prop laughs as the eyes light up and it spins around and moves. Remote uses 1 - "9-Volt" Battery (not included). Includes a plastic base that uses 4 - "C" batteries (not included). Base has rollers on the bottom to allow prop to glide to your remote control commands. Plastic Base measures approximately 17" long x 14" wide and has a speaker and an antenna for the remote control. Some assembly required.
immediate shipping
Winged Reaper
Winged Reaper The 72" Winged Reaper is a great stand up figure for your front yard. Includes stand. Please Note: Prop does not include spider webbing, jugs, lantern or the 2 extra skulls shown in above image.
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30  out of the ground skeleton
30" Out of the Ground Skeleton" This 30" Out of the Ground Skeleton is made of latex and measures approximately 31.5" high x 20" wide.
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Haunted Bones Hanging Skeleton Prop
Haunted Bones Hanging Skeleton Prop This eerie hanging skeleton is a Halloween decoration that looks great no matter where you hang it. With its classic 1800s attire, it could be a ghost out of a Dickens novel. This skeleton is sure to be a great Halloween decor item for years to come!
  Chained Skeleton Torso With Light Heart
Chained Skeleton Torso With Light Heart The heart of darkness beats within this chained skeleton ...and you can actually see it! Scary scraggly haired skeleton hangs from rusty chains, garbed in his last shreds of clothing. His evil heart still glows so be careful, he may rise again! Get a rise out of guests - pose him and use him to decorate and desecrate.
The Animated Organ Playing Ghoul.
The Animated Organ Playing Ghoul.
This is the animated organ-playing ghoul that moves as it invites onlookers to listen to its macabre recital. Inflated in minutes by a 130-watt fan that plugs into AC, the tuxedoed ghoul slowly swivels from side to side on his bench with the aid of a hidden electric motor, as if addressing an audience. The ghoul bellows "Welcome To Our Haunted House!" to Halloween visitors and plays his repertoire: excerpts from Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and Beethoven's Symphony #5, Movement 1, both accompanied by howls, screams, and thunderclaps. The ghoul's eyes, the two candles flanking his keyboard, and the flames emanating from the organ's pipes are lit by 7-watt candelabra type bulbs. Durable nylon construction. Includes tethers and stakes for securing to the ground. 68" H x 55" W x 51" D. (17 lbs.)

6' Hanging Bloody Butcher
You won't find this butcher at your deli! The 6' Hanging Bloody Butcher is dressed in a white tattered apron and is holding a butcher knife and cleaver. There is blood EVERYWHERE! Plastic Skeleton has a string on top for hanging anywhere. Prop has posable arms and is approximately 6' high x 15" wide x 7" deep. No assembly is required. Look for meat market body parts (sold separately) to make this gruesome scene a must-have for your Halloween party!
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Life-size Halloween Skeleton
No bones about it You'll be amazed at the level of detail in this realistic 5' Halloween Skeleton. Hang it from the ceiling, pose it in a chair, or take it outside and let it drape eerily from a tree limb. * Crafted of durable plastic * Hand-painted for superior realism * Hinged at all joints
Talking Skull Creature
Talking Skull Creature Made of plastic and polyester, is motion activated or has "Try Me" button, Eyes glow a bright red and jaw moves while speaking and says 4 phrases.Measures 48" long x 40" wide (with arms extended) and includes (3) "AA" batteries along with a hanging cord for easy installation.
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33  hanging black angel of death
33" Hanging Black Angel of Death Decoration is made of 30% plastic (skeleton head and hands) and 70% fabric (Black hooded shroud). Black angel measures approximately 33" high top to bottom and has arms and wings that are posable. Comes pre-assembled. Has a string on top of the head for easy placement. Wings are approximately 28" wide.
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30  hanging grim reaper in white shroud with chest
30" Hanging Grim Reaper in White Shroud with Chest" This 30" Hanging Grim Reaper in White Shroud with Chest has a foam head, chest and hands and comes complete with wings. Measures approximately 26" wide x 30" high.
immediate shipping
30  hanging grim reaper in black shroud with chest
30" Hanging Grim Reaper in Black Shroud with Chest This 30" Hanging Grim Reaper in Black Shroud has a foam head, chest and hands and comes complete with wings.
immediate shipping
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Hanging Shaking Skeleton In Cage
He's shaking in his bones! What's worse than being dead? Being dead and behind bars! This jailbird skeleton is moaning and shaking the bars of the cage with his bony hands as he says "Help Me", "Let me out" and other phrases. Approximately 26" high. Weights approximately 5 pounds. Skeleton is made of hard foam with shading for an eerie look. Cage lights up when prop talks and is made of hard plastic. Cage has a ring at the top for easy installation. Can be set to motion-activated or manual control. Runs on 4 - "AA" batteries (included). Can be hung from ceiling or covered porch. Perfect for scaring trick or treaters, party guests or at a Haunted House!
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6 Ft. Standing Skullman
Death becomes you! This 6 foot tall Standing Skullman will make a scary impression at haunted houses, Halloween parties or in a graveyard! Sets up in minutes! Prop stands approximately 6' tall. Made of hard foam. Has poseable arms. Has a creepy white gauze shroud. Also includes plastic stand. Some light assembly required. Includes setup instructions. Makes a great prop for many occasions! Please Note: This prop is not animated and does not move or talk.
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Animated Boney Barney Skeleton Dog with Sound
Animated Boney Barney Skeleton Dog with Sound stands up when activated, made of hard plastic. Eyes light up and head moves. Mouth moves in time to voice. Requires (4) "AA" Batteries (included). Dog measures approximately 18" wide x 10" high x 7.5" deep. Barney says the following phrases: "What's for dinner? Stinky salmon? Rancid roadkill? Dog stew or my favorite... barfed up buzzard guts!" "My aching bones. This afterlife ain't all it's cracked up to be. But I can drink all the antifreeze I want!" "Hey! What'dya wake me up for? I was just having the best nightmare... all the cats in the world were turned into Zombies and they ate their own litter!" "My favorite sounds are slopping worms, mushy brains, gurgling guts, squishy fish, squashing bugs, rats in traps, crackling bones and dying cats!" "(Howls) What can I say? I ain't got much bite!" "I like to eat bugs and maggots and dead rotting meat, drink spoiled water that tastes like feet. Gimme a scabby dead rat any day, food goes down better with stink and decay."
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6 Ft. Hanging Grim Reaper
He likes to hang around. The fear will creep in with this 6' Hanging Grim Reaper. Hang in a doorway or out on the porch. Approximately 6' tall. Preassembled. Ready to hang. Poseable. Skull and hands are made of hard foam. For indoor use only. Requires 2 - "AA" batteries (not included). Has string on top of head for easy installation. Has red light-up eyes. Pair up with the 6' Hanging Skullman (sold separately) to create the perfect party.
immediate shipping
48 grim reaper with turning head
48" Grim Reaper with Turning Head Grim Reaper stands approximately 4' high, has red light-up eyes that flash, the heads turns and he speaks a creepy phrase, "Look who's coming. We've been waiting for you. Halloween is our favorite night - isn't that right ghouls and goblins? Trick or Treat want something fun to eat? Happy Halloween!". Some assembly required. Includes: Stand with pole, Skull Head, Fake body with arms, gauze cape with hood, and plastic Scythe. Uses 3 "AA" batteries (not included). Either button activated or sound activated. Has poseable arms.
immediate shipping
Hanging Caged Skeleton Prisoner
Hanging Caged Skeleton Prisoner Caged Skeleton Prisoner measures approximately 38" tall and comes complete with prison uniform and cap.
immediate shipping
Skull with Rattle Head and Arms (Animated)
Skull with Rattle Head and Arms (Animated) Shake, rattle and roll with this animated prop! Oh, my aching head! This creepy animated Skull just plugs in and rattles away. Spook your guests as the head and arms move back and forth and the real metal chains clang away as they move back and forth. AC Adapter for standard outlet and directions included. For indoor use only. Please Note: Not intended to run 24 hours per day. Manufacturer recommends a max running time of 8-10 hours per day.
immediate shipping

Large Hovering Winged Demon Skeleton Decoration
Large Hovering Winged Demon Skeleton Decoration Watch your friends scatter when they see this Large Hovering Winged Demon Skeleton decoration looming overhead. Lightweight and highly detailed, this fearsome Spirit Halloween exclusive can be easily hung anywhere, indoor or outdoor, to add a touch of doom. Don't forget to check to make sure that all the little toddlers are still sleeping soundly in their beds!

Lifesize Skeleton Prisoner
Lifesize Skeleton Prisoner Oh dem bones be rattlin! Beware - a skeleton in tattered prison garb has escaped from the grave to haunt your house and he's taking no prisoners. Escape the ordinary when you hang a lifesized skeleton this Halloween to beckon tricks, or treats.
Life-Size Posable Skeleton icon Life of all parties wears vintage fashions from the crypt, "dances" in the breeze. Realistic bony face and hands, posable arms---the better for greeting guests! Lightweight, 58"H with top hang loop. Weather-resistant.
PRICE RANGE under $24
Color Change Skull
Color Change Skull This is one fantastic skull. You won't have to dig deep to find fantastic skulls. Just above the surface you'll find this surprising skull. The Color Change Skull will light up the room with a rainbow of colors. It's a fun and entertaining decoration that you don't see everyday. Take a look at our other unique decorations (sold separately) to complete that frightfully fun look you are going for.
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Light Up Skull Prop
Light Up Skull Prop Light Up Skull with grey hair and light up eyes. Measures approximately 5" high x 5" wide x 7.5" deep. Takes 3 - "AAA" batteries (not included). Light changes colors and flashes.
immediate shipping
pirate skull
10" Pirate Skull Pirate Skull is made of hard plastic, has a red and black bandana, gold earring and an eyepatch. Measures approximately 6.5" high x 6" wide x 10"" deep. Skull is hollow and the bottom is open so you can easily hang it on a stick or use as a tabletop decoration.
Glowing Screaming Skull
This motion activated scary skull screams and glows in the dark! Imagine someone walking into a dark room, only to be greeted by this scary skull! A great prank to play on unsuspecting people!

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