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Glowing Cloaked Woman
With the flip of a switch, our Glowing Cloaked Woman emits a strange glow that morphs into multiple colors, making this grim figure even more haunting. This life-sized woman also features exquisitely gnarled hands that peek out from beneath her black cloak.
* LED lights emit strange glow
* Pieced construction for easy set-up and storage
* Requires 2 AA batteries, not included
* For continued use, please protect from moisture

Large Copper Cauldron & Mini-fogger
Stir up a spooky Halloween brew Our Large Copper Cauldron & Mini-fogger add real Halloween atmosphere. Crafted from Anatolian copper, the Cauldron is an authentic, handmade reproduction of an antique original. Place our Multicolor Fogger inside the Cauldron, add water, and watch a magical mist appear. With nine multicolor LED lights, the fog appears as a rainbow of colors. Uses ultrasound technology to generate fog with no chemicals. Low voltage; UL-listed adapter. Four or more foggers recommended for best effect.
Animated Lifesize Witch with Fogging Cauldron
Animated Lifesize Witch with Fogging Cauldron Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. There's something brewing in this witch's fogging cauldron and it's about to boil over! She cackles and mutters incantations as she incessantly stirs her evil brew; with her mouth moving, the sound of the cauldron bubbling and her eyes flashing, the overall effect is spellbinding. Cast a spell this Halloween with a lifesize (five feet tall) witch haunting your house.
Animated Witch with Broom
Animated Witch with Broom She is wearing a black polyester dress while moving back and forth on her broom stick saying creepy sayings. Includes: Prop, Motor, UL Listed AC Adapter with power cord and Instructions.
immediate shipping
5' Spinning Witch
5' Spinning Witch measures approximately 5' high. Is sound activated. Uses (4) - ""AA"" Batteries (included). Has AC Adapter plug but Adapter is not included or available. Made of plastic and fabric. Witch spins around on a plastic base with wheels, her eyes flash red and she makes scary sounds. Works on most smooth surfaces. Some assembly required. Prop says "Hello my pretty." Has posable arms.
immediate shipping
4' Witch's Brew
4' Witch's Brew Witch's Brew is made of plastic and measures approximately 4' high. For indoor or outdoor use. Has amazing head and hand movement. Has glowing eyes. Illuminated cauldron with lighted flames. Witch makes spooky cackling witch sounds.
immediate shipping

Witch Leg Lamp
Our Witch Leg Lamp will add wicked style to any room of your home. Truly nightmarish style exudes from the top of the skull finial, down to the yellow tights, web stockings, and upturned buckle shoe.

* Durable resin construction contains mini lights that create a luminous glow when plugged in
* Mini lights also function as the "bulb"
* 18" cord
* For indoor use only

Staked Yard Witches
Our haunting trio of Staked Yard Witches will have the whole neighborhood under their spell. Each witch has shocking red hair, and is riding a broom that's poised for flight.

* Witches are appropriately attired in black capes and hats
* Arms and legs are poseable, so you can position them just as you like
* Set of Three is attached to each other by their capes and brooms
* Each witch includes a sturdy yard stake
* Crafted of all-weather materials for seasons of fun

Foggy Halloween Cauldron
A simmering seasonal delight This Foggy Halloween Cauldron uses no chemicals, so requires no muss or fuss — even Frankenstein could do it. Instead, our Cauldron uses tap water and plugs into a standard outlet. All you have to do is stand back and enjoy the appropriate eerie effects. Includes fogger and glowing lights.
Wild Witch
Wild Witch Wild Witch rises to a height of more than 6' tall. Made of plastic and fabric. Witch is wearing a black robe and gray tattered overlay, has posable arms and realistic face and hair. Uses (4) - "AA" Batteries (not included). Prop sways from side to side while moving up and down. Eyes light up red. Sound activated. Sets up in minutes. For indoor use. Includes stand and poles. Prop says "Happy Halloween". CAUTION: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
immediate shipping
7' Witch Magic
7' Witch Magic
This 7' Witch Magic makes for spooky decorating fun. Witch has a green latex face and hands. Prop is wearing a purple robe and hat. Witch is made of latex, polyester and foam. Prop comes wrapped inside a fishnet bag and folds up for easy storage. Includes a rope on top for easy setup.
immediate shipping
Lifesize Hanging Latex Witch
Lifesize Hanging Latex Witch Includes 1 6' Lifesize Hanging Latex Witch.
immediate shipping

Decorative Witch Arms
Children and adults alike will have loads of fun choosing where to put our Decorative Witch Arms. Witch limbs can appear from under the house or table, from behind drapes, or hanging out of a drawer. Crafted from foam-filled latex for howls of delight indoors or out.

Decorative Witch Legs
Use our Decorative Witch Legs to delight children and scare ghoulish guests. Witch limbs can appear from under the house or table, from behind drapes, or hanging out of a drawer. Crafted from foam-filled latex for howls of delight indoors or out.
PRICE RANGE under $24
Cauldron Mister
Cauldron Mister Stir up a scary spell with this classic Cauldron Mister! This magical fog machine comes in copper, silver, and black, perfect for adding mist and mystery to your haunted house, Halloween decor display, or wicked witch kitchen.
12 Inch Rusted Cauldron
12 Inch Rusted Cauldron Decorate your Haunted house or witch's den with this wicked rusted cauldron. This evil accessory comes in a rusted gold color and 12 inch diameter, perfect for spells requiring you to bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!

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