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So much yummier & safer than door-to-door Halloween fare! Give these pails & bags to your kids and their friends, and celebrate Halloween in the warmth and safety of your home. These pails are filled with the most delicious treats and the perfect little gifts for kids!

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halloween trick or treat pail iconOur charming resin trick or treat pail is overflowing with candy and cookies. The perfect treat for a college student or even the office! Overflowing with 60 servings. Measures 9’ x 10. Exclusive.
halloween cat n'candy iconKids, young and old will cherish this keepsake, cuddly, trick or treat bag. It measures 9" x 7" and arrives with assorted cookies and popular wrapped candies. 28 pieces. Exclusive. Kosher.

Plush Trick-Or-Treat Basket of Goodies
This fun and festive plush Halloween Basket is a great gift to give all the special Trick-Or-Treaters on your list this year ! Each hand-crafter basket is soft, cuddly and features an eerie noise and they light up when you squeeze the Wacky Witch's hand! Each basket is filled with fun Halloween Treats like Hershey's® Kisses® & Miniatures®, Belgian Chocolate Dipped & Decorated Oreos®, Chocolate Dipped Halloween Marshmallows, Chocolate Witching WandsT, and Chocolate Dipped & Decorated Halloween Fortune Cookies ! Its a basket full of fun and surprises for those of all ages. Use it as a candy recetacle to brighten any home or office, or have kids use it as a fun Trick-Or-Treat Basket on Halloween night.

Pumpkin Snack O Lantern
A festive plastic orange pumpkin with smiling jack-o-lantern face holds lots of treats for kids or adults. We've pack him with six gourmet jumbo cookies, plus eleven snack items like candy, chips, etc. It's a fun way to wish friends and family a happy Halloween.

Halloween Skeleton Snack Tote
Our festive 3-D effect tote bag is packed with goodness. It features 6 or 12 fresh-baked jumbo cookies, along with an assortment of 7 snack items, like candy bars, chips, crackers, etc. Tote design features a skeleton holding a "trick or treat" pumpking, surrounded by more pumpkins and a full moon.

Ghoulish Sweets & Treats: Kids Halloween Gift Basket
Includes: Halloween Activity Pad, Wooden Halloween Pencil with Halloween Eraser Topper, Halloween Crayons, Eyeball & Bones Jacks Game, Halloween Tattoos, Halloween Gorilla in Witch Costume, Chocolate Pumpkin Pop, Halloween Whirly Pop, Plastic Coffin with Interlocking Bone Candy, Jack-O-Lantern Roll Tape Bubble Gum, Marshmallow Halloween Pals Gift Bag, Spooky Cookies, Halloween Microwave Popcorn, Halloween Hot Chocolate...in a Halloween Felt Trick or Treat Bag ~ either a Witch, Ghost or Pumpkin.

Halloween Trick or Treat Pail
Whether you are sending a gift to your college student, friends or family this charming 9" x 10" resin pail is sure to make everyone on your list smile! We’ve even included 9 buttercream frosted cut-out cookies. Exclusive.

Spooky Halloween Deluxe Snacks
Bwuhahahahaha...it's 3 1/2 gallons of spooky goodness! This Deluxe Snack is brimming with mini pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, honey roast peanuts, both Cheese and Chocolate Drizzled Caramel corn, tortilla chips and salsa, sour vampire bats, Gooey Ghouls and candy corn. Tip: adding a photo label makes it extra special!
Pail of Plentyicon Our festive Pail of Plenty™ is piled high with great goodies including assorted candy bars, cookies, chips, and soda. The Pail of Plenty™ is the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion.

Boo! Deluxe Family Pack Families rarely agree, so weve included a little bit of everything in our 2 Gallon Boo! design Deluxe Family Pack. Its chock full of Halloween Jelly Belly(R) beans, sour gummy pumpkins, candy corn, honey roast peanuts, chocolate pumpkins, ghost shaped peanut butter cookies, tortilla chips and salsa and a selection of our fresh popped corn robust Cheese, delicate White Cheddar and decadent Chocolate Drizzled Caramel corn.

Spooked Family Pack Family squabbles disappear as soon as this 2 Gallon Family Pack arrives, filled with premium popcorn (Cheese, White Cheddar, Jalapeño and SMores), white chocolate coated hostess pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, honey roast peanuts, crispy chocolate "eyes," mellocreme pumpkins and Monster Mash Jelly Belly(R) beans. A great mix!
Jack-O-Lantern Gift Bag icon  This irresistibly cute, felt jack-o-lantern bag is filled with Halloween treats. Enjoy a spooky spider rod, Halloween munchies, a candy corn and pumpkin cookie, orange hot chocolate, 8 oz. bag of pumpkin shaped foiled chocolates and 8 oz. bag of candy corn.
Ghost Gift Bag iconThis irresistibly cute felt ghost bag is filled with Halloween treats. Enjoy spooky spider rods, Halloween munchies, a ghost cookie, spooky peanut butter cup and a petite cat cookie.
Halloween Fun Felt Bags iconThe cutest little Trick or Treat Gift Bags ever, teeming with treats everybody loves! The trick is you'll only spend $5 each on the set of 8! With hand crafted touches, these 7"H felt bags brighten the day and the decor with Halloween characters, plus Marshmallow Pumpkins, Tootsie Roll® Pops, Candy Corn, Pumpkin Bon Bons, and more.

Spooky Halloween Fun Pail
Fresh-popped Cheese and S'Mores corn, Gooey Ghouls™, Monster Mash Jelly Belly® beans, sour pumpkins and a plush monster are all tucked inside our new Spooky Halloween Fun Pail. The name says it all-pure fun!

Spooky Halloween Take-Out Treats
Twice the tastiness! Here's a set of 2 Take-Out Treat boxes, each one filled with Chocolate Drizzled Caramel corn, chocolate-caramel Gooey Ghouls™, mellocreme pumpkins and sour vampire bats. It's goodness to go.

Set of 2 Goblin Goodies Totes-Two Goodies Totes These orange and black plastic totes are always a bestseller. Each one explodes with Double Chocolate popcorn, candy corn, Halloween Jelly Belly® beans, a funny face chocolate pumpkin and a Halloween Popcorn Ball. You know you totally want one. Or two, as the case may be.
Halloween Treats Bag iconEXCLUSIVE! Surprise your favorite trick-or-treater with one of our plush Halloween bags filled with savory sweets! A spook-tacular gift that’s so adorable, it's scary!
* Batty Good Treats Bag with black handle features a "I Vant Candy!" hang tag
* Spider Treats Bag with orange handle has a tag that reads "Gimme Sweets"
* Pumpkin Treats Bag with green handle has a "Trick or Treat" tag
* Each bag arrives with sour candy worms, foil-wrapped chocolate eye balls filled with peanut butter and delicious assorted mellocremes.
* Felt bags measures 10.75"H x 6.75"D each

Halloween Glitter Pails
Bread and butter. Lucy and Ethel. Paper and plastic. We love a great duo, so we’ve paired two of our glitter pails in classic Halloween colors. Each pail is filled with Cheese popcorn, Monster Mash Jelly Belly® beans, sour gummy pumpkins and crispy chocolate “eyes.”

Halloween "Diva" Bag
A true diva always knows how to make an entrance. Her secret? Accessories with attitude. So for the Halloween princess in your life, it’s as simple as giving her this purple felt bag with orange feather boa and beaded handle. Simply smashing! A must for toting her sensational snacks about town. Includes: Jelly Belly® beans, Halloween chocolates, 2 Halloween ghosts, candy corn and some of our popcorn favorites Cheese, White Cheddar and Caramel. Fabulous, darling!
Trick or Treat Gift Sets iconThe cutest little Trick?or Treat Gift Bags ever! They?re teeming with treats everybody loves, the trick is you?re only spending $5 each when you buy the set of 8! With handmade touches, these 7?H felt bags brighten the day (and the Halloween decor!) with jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, candy corns, and bats, plus Tootsie Roll? Pops, Lifesavers Gummies?, Jujyfruits?, Pumpkin Gumballs, and more. Halloween critters big and small will love them! Set of 4, net wt. 1 lb. Set of 8, net wt. 2 lbs.
Trick-or-Treat Pail icon Overflowing with Halloween fun, this playfully grinning jack-o-lantern pail brings their favorite candies, too! Hershey?s? Miniatures, Twizzlers? Licorice, Tootsie Roll? Pops, Lifesavers Gummies?, Jujyfruits?, Whoppers?, and more! A great gift for trick-or-treaters near and far! Pail may be one of two styles. Net wt. 14.25 oz.

Halloween Goodie Pail
Trick or treat in style with our hand painted metal pail brimming with delicious Halloween treats! We've included assorted cookies, brownies mini's and chocolates. 15 pieces. 11 3/4" tall. Exclusive.

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